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Here you'll find the most common questions asked about our program. If there are any questions you may have which are not answered here, we'll be more than happy to answer them at support@mountequinox.com.

* How Does Mount Equinox's RevShare Work? It is relatively simple and requires very little effort on your part. You sign up for our program and receive a unique ID and html code to insert in your web page(s) in the form of banner(s), content and text link(s). The ID will be used to track the traffic you send to Mount Equinox and sales that occur as a result. As soon as a person signs up, your stats will reflect the sale and we will pay you 50% of the initial sale plus 50% of all rebills. Each month on your 10th, 15th and 20th new sign-up you will receive $50 High Roller bonuses. This effectively increases your overall total payout to 70% on your 10th new sign-up and 80% on your 20th new sign-up.

* How Much Can I Earn? Your potential revenue is limitless. You already own an adult website. Therefore every visitor that hits your site is a potential customer that you can generate revenue from. So through your own marketing abilities and with the Promo Tools offered through our RevShare program you have the potential of earning a commission on every customer that you send to us. But it goes beyond that. Mount Equinox sells well and we have a long history of doing that!

* How Do I Get Paid? We send payments via check or paxum on the 15th of each month.

* How Do I Know How Much I've Earned? After you have registered and placed our promotional material on your site, you may use the username and password you have chosen to enter Mount Equinox's RevShare area where you can access your statistics. You can check your daily stats and commission totals at any time! Statistics are updated in REAL TIME.

* How is Mount Equinox's RevShare Program Different than Others? We are here to work with you and do everything in our power to help you make money. We offer new video content weekly, an informative newsletter with all your linking codes included, Blog style RSS feeds, Data Dumps for Tube Sites / Blogs, XML Feeds for Tube Sites, Dynamically Generated Video Ads, Downloadable Videos, Embeddable Videos, Zipped Photo Sets, MGP, TGP, Extensive Banner Farm and we are a Smart Phone compatible website which allows us to broaden our market reach in return creating additional revenue for you. We are always coming up with innovative new ideas and you can be assured in the future we will have even more new programs available. We like to create a win-win relationship with all our webmasters.

* How Do I Update My Information? Sign into the RevShare area and you will notice a link to update your account information details.

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