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* 50% - 80% commissions on new sign-ups with 50% commissions on recurring/rebilling sales. Mount Equinox is one of the pioneers of commission based webmaster programs dating back to 1995.

* $150 in RevShare Bonuses. Each month on your 10th, 15th and 20th new sign-up you generate $50 High Roller Bonuses. This effectively increases your overall total payout to 70% on your 10th new sign-up and up to 80% on your 20th new sign-up.

* 10% commission on webmaster referrals.

* Promotional Tools to help get you started.

  • Videos - Weekly releases featuring either Embeddable Videos with auto detection for Smart Phones or in Downloadable MP4 & WMV formats. Data Dump and XML RSS Feed syndication also available allowing for easy importing of all our videos into Tube/Blog Sites

  • Photo Shoots - A sampling of our hottest models zipped with thumbnails for your convenience

  • RSS Feeds - Blog/Tube ready feeds that update daily enabling you to either embed videos directly into your blog/tube or images linking to our FHG. All feeds are packed full of the text you need to help boost your SEO.

  • Dynamically Generated Video Ads - Place this ad in a sticky location and it will automatically load a new video upon each page load plus it features automatic Smart Phone detection so we don't lose our Smart Phone surfers.

  • MGP/TGP Galleries - Data Dump entire list of FHG URL's or link to individually

  • Banners - Odd Sized, Standard, Vertical, Mini and Floating Ads

  • Smart Phone Friendly - Our Embeddalbe Videos feature auto detection for Smart Phones so you don't lose the opportunity for a sale due to the fact your visitors are using their Smart Phone instead of a computer. Our system reacts and delivers them a video that is compatible with their device.

  • Data Dumps - Looking for an easy way to feed your gay Tube, Blog, TGP or MPG site with quality gay content? Mount Equinox makes it easy with our Data Dump feature that allows you to export a list of all our promotional material in spreadsheet styled format allowing you to easily manipulate and acquire all of our promotional material in one easy step.

* High Conversion Ratios. Our 100% new face lift from the ground up has revolutionized the way Mount Equinox looks and feels! Mount Equinox is now easier to navigate and professionally designed which in turn has increased customer confidence and our conversion rates, meaning greater opportunities for you to cash in on! No matter the size of your site or the number of visitors you receive you are loosing out on an easy opportunity to generate some serious cash by not becoming a Mount Equinox RevShare Partner today.

* Live Reports You can check your reports up to the minute every day any time of day to see how your business is doing! Not only that but we give you detailed referral information. Through our advanced software you can actually tell which site, the exact page and time users came to Mount Equinox. We also rank your pages and provide sign up to visitor ratios so you can easily tell which page is the most effective to help you better implement the same strategies on your other pages that don't seem to be performing as well.

* RevShare Support Have a question or need some assistance? Don't hesitate to contact our highly qualified team of professionals who are eager to help you get set up and running in no time.

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