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* Mount Equinox RevShare support team is unmatched! I have NEVER had a problem with payment. A great affiliate program, Mount Equinox RevShare can make anyone a success.
-Jack Burns

* Mount Equinox is the best. Quality site, great support and timely payments. Pleasure to work with.
-Jean Arnold

* I have been a long time participant in Mount Equinox's RevShare program and must say that ever since the major site redesign I haven't seen conversion ratios this good with any of the other programs I work with. Great work guys. Keep it up.
-Keith Kitchner

* Received my first check from Mount Equinox last week and I must say you guys live up to you word. Check arrived on the 5th of the month. Way ahead of the others.
-Jason Auburn

* The Promo Tools you offer are far superior compared to other affiliate programs. Fresh, sharp and current. Nice job!

* I'm a new webmaster and was having problems figuring out how to place my banners in the most effective manner. I contacted Mount Equinox and their support department wrote me back in less than 1 hour. I was very impressed.
-Jay Rockford

* Love the new format of the Reporting area. Easy to understand and being able to track exactly which pages on my site that are the most productive has really helped me fine tune the placement of banners on my website.
-Jack Lee

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