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"Twink Encounter": Trailer: Featuring Bobby & Brandon: Video summary: Bobby was walking home from school when Brandon spotted him and decided to follow him. Who wouldn't follow a cute little twink with a hot wife beater exposing his smooth tight stomach and underwear? Bobby duct into a store real quick while Brandon waited outside. When Bobby leaves the store he walked right past Brandon not even noticing that he was stalking him. Brandon finally works up the courage to stop Bobby and ask him what he bought at the store. Before you know it our two twinks hit it off and head off together for some action back at Bobby's place. Our boy Brandon is the aggressor as he wastes no time getting his hands into Bobby's low riding pants. He gets him into the bed and strips off that tight wife beater as he gives him kisses up and down his smooth stomach and chest. He works his way down farther and farther until he has Bobby's cock deep in his mouth. Bobby takes his turn sucking Brandon's cock as he runs his tongue ever so gently around the head of our cute blond twinks cock. Bobby pushes Brandon's legs back in the air and moistens his finger up good as he pokes it into Brandon's tight smooth boy hole. Deep in his hole, back in his mouth, deep in his hole, back in his mouth but this time two fingers go deep into Bobby's ass as you can hear him moan. Bobby stands up and leans over a chair as our twink Brandon fucks his boy hole good! Brandon's hips swing back and forth as he fucks Bobby and you can see Bobby's cock swaying back and forth with each thrust. Brandon smacks Bobby's ass as he fucks his tight hole and you can see Bobby's eyes light up with each smack. Bobby then has his turn and fucks Brandon who shoots a nice load all over his smooth tight stomach. Bobby finishes by shooting a nice hot load onto Brandon's stomach as well. Two hot cute blond twinks with teen cum everywhere after the heat of the moment. Mount Equinox.
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